Magdeburg Experimental Laboratory of Economic Research

What we do!
We conduct computer aided experiments with students from Magdeburg.

What do participants have to do?
During the experiments, participants have to solve tasks. For this, each participant is assigned to a computer, and then makes decisions based on the various situations displayed.

Who are we and why do we conduct experiments?
We are professors, staff members and students at the Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg as well as other universities and research facilities in Germany. During an experiment all data entered into the computers is collected. The collected data is then used for academic research and presentations.

Will I earn money?
Definitely! However, every payoff depends on the experiment, the player´s decisions, as well as decisions made by other players. Therefore sometimes the payoff will be higher and sometimes lower.

Who can participate?
In general, every student independent of area of study can participate in the experiments. Usually there is no specific prior knowlege required.

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