Latest news: Experiment participants donate €831 to Magdeburg children's hospice

On Friday (2.2.24) we were able to hand over a donation of 831 euros to the children's hospice in Magdeburg. This pleasing amount was collected as part of the "People Laundering" experiment in the MaXLab through the donations of the participants. Participants had the opportunity to donate a self-chosen portion of their payout to the children's hospice as part of the experiment.


A big thank you to all participants who made this donation possible. With your support, together we are helping to support the children's hospice in Magdeburg in its valuable work. You can find out more about the children's hospice and how you can make a contribution at


The picture shows Hanna Klingenberg from Magdeburg Children's Hospice (left) and experimenter Alexandra Seidel (right).



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What do we do?
We conduct experiments in which participants have to solve simple decision problems under controlled conditions.  From the results, we try to learn how people make decisions and how this decision-making behavior can be described using formal theories.

What do the participants have to do?
At the beginning of the experiment, the participants receive detailed instructions on what they should do and what decision problem they are faced with. No special knowledge or prior experience is required to solve the tasks. Very important: Our experiments are carried out exactly as described in the instructions. We will never lie to you or manipulate you!

Who are we?
Researchers from the University of Magdeburg and other universities and research institutions work in the MaXLab. The lab has been in existence since 1998 and research projects have already resulted in a large number of high-ranking international publications. MaXLab researchers have been awarded prizes for their work (including the Leibniz Preis of the DFG, the Schmölders Preis and the Research Prize of the University of Magdeburg) and many young scientists, who are now internationally renowned and hold chairs at other universities, started their careers at MaXLab or have carried out important work there.

Can I earn money doing this?
Of course you can! However, the payouts depend on the experiment in question and the decisions you and other participants make. So sometimes you get more, sometimes less.

Who can take part?
In general, any student can take part in the experiments, regardless of their field of study. Usually, no special prior knowledge is required. Unfortunately, doctoral students are excluded from participation.

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